Child Education Nepal

Child Education Nepal UK was established to ”  advance the education of the children & young people of Nepal….in particular, through the building of Schools and other educational facilities & the provision of educational material, tutors, scholarships & other grants….and finally, the relief of young people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress”

Nepal is one of the poorest countries of the world. That is not through war, conflict or greed but purely because of a lack of resources. The only real domestic product is tourism and water. They are second only to Brazil in the amount of running water, yes they know how to harness that power but of course cannot fund hydroelectric projects. Nepal envelops all cultures, all beliefs, it is a peaceful country and people are not at all jealous of the West. They all would like to have what we have in Europe but accept their lot and are happy about it.

Population: 31.5 million people

People living on less than £1 per day: Nearly 8 million (1/4 of the population)

Population of Kathmandu: 1.1 million people

Human Development Index: Nepal ranks among the poorest — 145 out of 188 countries

Risk of earthquakes: Nepal ranks 11th in the world for vulnerability to earthquakes.

Percentage of population in urban areas: 19 percent

Percentage of population in rural areas: 81 percent

Annual monsoon rains from June to September regularly trigger flooding and landslides, which can cause extensive loss of life, land and livelihoods, and exacerbate the humanitarian situation. Heavy rains can also impair infrastructure like roads, dams and footpaths.

The extreme terrain makes getting to remote communities difficult. Many roads were made impassable due to earthquake damage, and new flooding and landslides continue to hinder access. Those that are serviceable are often too narrow for large equipment.