“Advancing the education of the children & young people of Nepal. In particular, through the building of schools and other educational facilities and the provision of educational material, tutors, scholarships & other grants. Lastly, the relief of young people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.”

Who We Are

Child Education Nepal UK was founded in the United Kingdom and registered as a charity in January 2007, registration number 1122259 to advance the education of children in Nepal. The building of schools, other educational facilities as well as the provision of education materials, tutors, scholarships will assist the young people who are in conditions of need. CENUK are proud that NO admin fees are charged and all donations go exactly where they should.

What We Do


— Our Mission

Reducing the poverty in Nepal through education.

Supplying infrastructures such as Education, Health, Water, & Electricity for the Children of Nepal.


— Visionary Approach

We envision a better nation where there is empowerment and development, now & forever


— Our Commitment

CENUK is committed to provide a healthier environment for the children in all areas of Nepal. To facilitate this vision we promote educational initiatives and are looking at many projects that require funding.

Featured Projects